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Innovative Community Healthcare Solutions

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FSL has been working with public and private partners to deliver innovative solutions for community needs since its inception in 1974.

FSL understands your unique needs as a health plan, hospital or accountable care organization and will integrate the exact package of community support services that leverage your success in reducing costs and increasing quality of care.

Whether it was adult day healthcare services, group homes for the seriously mentally ill, custom in-home health services, the highest quality housing solutions or responding to the imperatives of healthcare reform for new delivery models of care for “super utilizers”, FSL has been a consistent leader in promoting community support services to the next level.

As a member of Catholic Charities USA, FSL is committed to addressing the holistic needs of each individual person we serve.

As a proven community partner, FSL brings an entrepreneurial spirit of adaptability, speed, trustworthiness and competence to each partner who engages us.

Find out how FSL can help you achieve your evolving care delivery objectives in the new world of healthcare reform.